Glee: “Rumours”

4 May

If you’re a Fleetwood Mac fan, or know the backstory of the Fleetwood Mac album ‘Rumours’, or know more than just the most famous Fleetwood Mac song as ‘that song they played a lot during Clinton’s campaign’, then you may have thoroughly enjoyed last night’s episode. I found myself boredly scrolling Twitter during the songs, with the exception of Artie and the boys’ acoustic guitars in “Never Going Back Again” and, of course, the finale: “Don’t Stop.”

On to the drama. I’m still rooting for a Finn-Rachel reunion, and it was nice to see them together again, though holy psychopath Quinn on the duet-embargo. And hold up- was that really it for Britney and Artie? Just like that? They seemed more solid than a 30 second break up ending with Artie hurtfully calling Britney stupid. Sam’s story was touching, and it made complete sense that Kurt and Quinn would be the two to know his secret. April Rhodes is barely more likable than Holly, and after all Will has done to help her it just doesn’t make sense that she would set him up. I can see the whole she wants him to run away to Broadway with her thing, but the overall scenario was a little unrealistic.

Lastly, where was Zeiss? Was she even in this episode?

Rating: Despite theme episodes being a little boring, the songs of “Rumours” complemented the plot and a lot of drama was established to set the stage for Nationals. But first, PROM! Will Rebecca Black make an appearance?


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