HIMYM: “Landmarks”

10 May

Finally! Zoe is gone! I honestly think I would take crazy-eye Victoria or Blah Blah over that self-righteous brat. Go back to House (and brunette) and get the heck off my HIMYM.

This week was the first episode in a long time where the whole gang was centered around one plot, which was the culmination of the season-long (and somewhat weak) Arcadian story. The group is split- Zoe, Ted, Lily and Marshall in one corner; Barney and, evidently, Robin in the other. When Ted is called to the stage and asked his opinion on the Arcadian, we are sent into a flashback where we learn if Ted Benedict Arnolds GNB, Barney will be canned. In an amazing display of disloyalty, Ted tells Barney- the guy who got hit by a bus running to Ted’s bedside- yes, we know Barney has done a lot of bad things, but overall he’s a pretty loyal friend- that the only thing he cares about right now is Zoe. Zoe, the girl who is destroying his career and fights with him constantly. That Zoe. Luckily, Robin jumps in with her Chess in the park- well, online Chess- fine it was Angry Birds- OKAY she can’t get it to download- reasoning: the resentment one of them will inevitably end up feeling for the other will ruin them, and they’re going to break up, so save you career and Barney’s.

In the deciding moment, after a visit from dream Barney and a middle of the night trip to the Arcadian with Zoe, Ted tells the committee the building should be condemned. Zoe all too quickly jumps up, playing the tape recording from the Natural History episode that we could have sworn she deleted, both reaffirming Ted’s choice and ruining him in the process. They briefly solve the situation by deciding to open a court room-themed bar- where you get brought in THEN get served!- but instead diabolical Lily comes up with the ingenious plan of cutting the lion head off, finding Arthur Hobbes and making him promise to give Ted and Barney their jobs back. (Um, hey Lil- how bout you throw in ‘stop slandering your husband’s job reference’? And I’m not even going to touch the issue of how they removed a several hundred pound stone Lion head or how no one maybe suspected the tear-it-down team, but whatever.) This effectively makes the committees decision for them and Ted wins.

Rating: I may be a little swayed by both the Arcadian story arc and Zoe’s departure, but while this episode was not the greatest in terms of laughs, it certainly moved the plot forward and opened the door for new (and better) story lines to come in. I just really hope that lion, hung by a man who just weeks ago learned how to use a screw driver, doesn’t crush Barney in his sleep.


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