Monday Night Round Up

19 Nov

How I Met Your Mother: “The Stamp Tramp”

As a sitcom ages, expectations are lowered with the understanding that many of the plots and story lines have been exhausted. After 8 years it’s really just us devoted HIMYM lovers who have stuck around out of familiarity and a desire to see how the gang ends up. The first few episodes of this season have been some of the show’s weakest, but tonight felt like the good ole days with call backs to old jokes, early characters, and flashbacks, with a touch of the sentimental stuff.

The episode starts with the group in their booth at MacLaren’s (good start) where Marshall says he ran into Brad, his old law school bro. Brad is down on his luck, looking like a drifter and applying to be a brat mascot, so Marshall inadvisedly offers to get him an interview at his firm. He’s already given Brad the stamp of approval to his boss. The gang accuses Marshall of being a stamp tramp (a nice continuation of character from season 5’s “The Wedding Bride” where the girls criticize Marshall for being too nice). Lily’s stamp, of course, is gold. Teddy WestSide (yes! bring it back!), on the other hand, is a piggyback stamper. Everyone has that friend- the one who you tell a joke, then they turn around and say the joke louder, claiming it as their own. Ted is totally that guy.

Since Quinn returned to the Lusty Leopard, Barney is sampling strip clubs like he’s LeBron in 2010 and Robin agrees to be his agent to sort through the various offers and I can’t even begin to pretend to be interested in another Barney-as-womanizer story. Didn’t he just last week give an impassioned speech about his undying love for Robin? And now he’s enlisting her in his quest for lap dances? I’m ready to see Barney grow up, if for nothing else to give Neil Patrick Harris a chance to do more of the acting he is so clearly capable of. Barney hosts The Decision, he and Robin get hammered the club together, and they make out in the street. She cuts it short, and I’m glad their big reconciliation wasn’t at a strip club or another drunken hook up. After years of back and forth, they (and we) deserve a better ending.

Meanwhile, Ted is trying to prove that he isn’t a piggy backer using his old college web cams (or whatever web cams were in the 90s), but through berets, ear piercings, and Dr. X (so many good throwbacks!), he realize that’s exactly what he is. He is lamenting over his lack of judgment and how he was a total goon when the final video shows College Ted and Marshall after his 3rd date with Lily. Marshall is hesitant about whether he’s moving too fast, but Ted gives his stamp that she’s a keeper. It was a sweet HIMYM moment, except that same moment happened when they walked down Random Skank Lane and flashbacked to Ted vouching for Lily to be in the group photo (Marshall: “What if we break up?” Ted: “What if you don’t?”). But I’m a sap and it’s been a while, so I’ll back it.

In Brad’s interview, he acts erratic and irresponsible- Marshall tries to distract his boss from the train wreck with his classic “fish are weird” joke- but Brad, it turns out, is playing Marshall. He’s working for the opposing party on Marshall’s big case and used Marshall’s predictable Minnesota Nice to snoop on their strategy. If Marshall loses, he’s fired. But, as Future Ted/ Bob Saget says, more on that later.

Favorite Lines:

  • Brad: “I was fired from Bed, Bath and Beyond for telling inappropriate jokes. Take it easy Lashanda. You know how they are.”
    Marshall: “They meaning Bed, Bath and Beyond employees.”
    Brad: “Yeah, women, right?”
    Marshall: “…still, that could have been worse.”
  • Ted: “He just going to stay with the Lusty Leopard, they have loyalty and heart, I bet he respects that.”
    Marshall: “LeBron moved on Ted… so should you.”
  • The choreographed spit take. Predictable, but still funny.

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