Monday Night Round-Up

12 Dec

How I Met Your Mother: Seriously, I Can’t Do This


Sorry for the über late posting, I had a super fun case of the flu that prevented me from typing or moving. It did not, however, stop me from watching what I assume is an unhealthy amount of television.

This recap is already too late, but after I saw this episode I had decided I didn’t want to write one anyway, because I am boycotting this Patrice ridiculousness. If this turns out to be a ploy to get Robin back, a page right out of the playbook that Robin left out in the open for Patrice to find, then I will retroactively apologize. But until then: come on, HIMYM. You (probably) only have us for a handful of more episodes, please stop making us watch this charade. The writers need an intervention.

I also cannot handle Marshall’s mom hooking up with Lily’s dad. What is this, Gossip Girl?

A small concession: points for the closet scenes and Ted labeling all of his things that his friends never return. Ted would do that.


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