Monday Night Round-Up

18 Dec


First off: thank god it was a long con. It was the only plausible explanation, and it was played out perfectly. I take back my last post. This week’s episodes were 2 of HIMYM’s best in the last few years. Peter Gallagher! Seth Green! Silence of the Lambs! Proposals!

At Maclarens, Barney gets jinxed, and the gang goes bananas. The reign of terror is over! Apparently last time Barney broke a jinx, he got hit by that bus in season 3, so jinxes are taken very seriously. He’s been getting the rest of the group for years since then, and now they finally got him back and he cannot speak until someone says his name lest bad luck befall him.

Ted’s building is finally opening and he invites his old Professor Vinick (Peter Gallagher), who once told him he would never be an architect, to his building opening. This professor is Ted’s pit guy, which we learn is the guy you would keep at the bottom of your Silence of the Lambs pit. When he gets a return to sender response from Vinick, Ted drives up to Wesleyan, with Marshall and Lily along for the ride “just to see the old campus, not to watch his prolonged mental breakdown,” as well as Barney, hoping for someone to say his name.

If Marshall and Lily were at the bottom of someone’s pit, it would be creepy Daryl (Seth Green- Buffy reunion!) who used to cling on to them in college and now comments on all of Marvin’s baby pictures of Facebook.  While walking around campus, they run into him selling hackysacks under the brand name “The Three Hackmigos” emblazoned with Daryl, Marshall, and Lily’s faces. He insists they come back to his house for a surprise, and he leads them to what pretty closely resembles the basement from Silence of the Lambs. They realize too late that all he wanted to give them was $100,000 check for their “share” of the Hackmigos, but they’ve already blown it by admitting they thought he was going to Hannibal them. They find Ted, who is breaking down after being again rejected by his Professor, but he comes around to see the only person he has to face at the bottom of that pit is himself.

Facing her own pit guy, Robin is presented with the opportunity to fire Patrice. This leads to ridiculously fantastic scenes where Robin is calling Patrice ‘Clarice’ and telling her to put the lotion in the basket. Patrice asks if this is really about her, and Robin breaks down and admits it’s about Barney.

Barney, meanwhile, tricks Ted into saying his name by pulling out an engagement ring, then jinxing Ted. He’s going to propose to Patrice, and the only way he’ll unjinx Ted is if he promises not to say anything against this decision, and if he promises not to tell anyone. If he fails, he will be hit thricely in the testicles with a wiffleball bat.

Part 2 takes place on the night of Ted’s building opening. Marshall and Lily have been given the night off by Mickey, and are having baby withdrawal. They have a very scheduled and sexy night planned, but Ted sends Marshall the bat signal (which, in HIMYM, is “Bar. Now.”), where he spills the beans on Barney. Robin is supposed to be Ted’s date to the opening, and he wants to tell her the news so she has a chance to stop the proposal. Marshall, always pro-Ted and Robin, tells him he shouldn’t tell her and to take the chance for himself. For the gazillionth time.

Ted picks up Robin (with Ranjeet!) who’s in a bangin red dress, but instead of taking the moment for himself, he tells her about Barney’s plan to propose at Patrice’s favorite spot, on the top of the Worldwide News building, WHICH IS ROBIN’S FAVORITE SPOT GOD PATRICE. Even though she resists, he drives her there, and they share a moment reminiscent of earlier seasons. Ted may always be in love with Robin, but I think we saw him finally accept that it wasn’t meant to be. Robin begrudgingly goes to the roof and is met with lights and roses. By this point we know: it’s all been for Robin. She finds the last page of the playbook, called The Robin. Everything that’s happened this season- his confession of undying love in front of Nick, the drunken and rejected kiss, closing the door forever, dating Patrice- has all been his final play to get Robin back. Neil Patrick Harris appears. We tear up. Robin says she can’t date him again, and he knows that’s not enough, so he proposes. She says yes. We cry.

Leslie and Ben, Liz Lemon and Criss, Chuck and Blair, Barney and Robin. It’s been a good year for our favorites. Barney + Robin 4ever.


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